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Leading fencing services and installer in NSW. At Longain Fencing, we have the largest range of security fences with enough stock to meet the needs of industrial, residential, agricultural and commercial fencing projects.

As NSW premier fencing installer, we provide the best products for you
The best way to ensure that your rural, commercial or security fencing stays in great condition and lasts for years, is by opting for excellent quality materials from a credible fencing installer company like Longain Fencing. This way, you can guarantee optimal privacy for your property.

In addition to high-grade products we can handle anything from timber to steel fence installations to Australian industry standards. From start to finish, we maintain high levels of professionalism in everything that we do, using only the best materials and accessories to complete your residential or commercial fencing project in a timely manner.

We currently provide a range of composite, steel and chain wire mesh fencing material including:
We provide a wide range of timber fence materials, including:
Chain Wire Mesh
Chain wire fencing has been in demand by the people for many years, and its popularity continues to grow because of its usefulness and versatility for a number of applications. As a bonus to the security it provides, you are also able to see through to your garden or tennis court, as well as a better view of your commercial area. Our team of fencing installers can provide you with the following:

  • Railless

  • Top rail

  • Top and bottom rail

  • Barbed or razor wire

Colorbond Fencing
Our fencing specialists have a wealth of knowledge and installation experience in Colorbond fencing. We can assist you in selecting the best colour and most suited Colourbond fencing for each and every project. Not only that, we work with you to ensure we provide the best price available for your selected product, and the installation of each and every fence.
Define the boundaries between properties, protect crops, keep the stock in & pests out with a practical & hard wearing fence that can withstand Australia’s harshest environmental conditions. Our rural fence systems feature post & rail options, livestock and hinge joints as well as accessories and farm gates.
Tubular & Security
Your safety and security is paramount as a property owner. Which is why our Longain Fencing installers can supply you with attractive and sturdy security fences for both commercial and residential applications to secure you against unwanted visitors and theft. Explore our attractive tubular fence options today.

Longain Fencing is compliant with Australian Standards, Quality Assurance, Occupational Health and Safety, and the Environmental Management System.

Why Work With Longain Fencing
With more than two decades in this business, Longain Fencing has provided Australians professional fencing installation services throughout NSW. With significant experience at our belts, the company is equipped with a well-oriented fencing team committed to complying with all client requirements at all times. We work professionally to set a strong foundation of work quality assurance to guarantee you receive the fencing results you’re after.

Longain stands by quality. As a result, we offer clients a variety of fencing products manufactured from calibre materials, also providing specialised goods that our clients require. We assess all products before delivery, to ensure that customers are left feeling satisfied and all at an affordable price point.

When you settle for nothing but the best fencing products and fencing installation services, the Longain Fencing team is the one to call. Our fencing installers in NSW will take additional care, working professionally to prevent damage to your property and underground utility lines.

Our Projects

Our team of fencing installers in Longain Fencing is proud of their proven track record of completing commercial fencing projects on time and on budget. Whether we have undertaken a variety of applications ensuring quality, attention-to-detail and uncompromised results. Contact us today if you require our fencing services.