Chain Wire Fence
Longain Fencing has a team of installers who are excellent in installing the complexities of chain wire fencing work, as well as barbed and rural fencing. We gladly install in Greater Sydney, Blue Mountain, Central Coast, Newcastle, The Southern Highlands & Illawarra.

Chain wire fencing has been in demand by the people for many years, and its popularity continues to grow because of its usefulness. As a bonus to the security it provides, you are also able to see through to your garden or tennis court, as well as a better view of your commercial area.
Chainwire: Railless
Our Railless Chainwire fences are great for when you need to have a fence that protects your site or property but doesn’t need the added extras like barb-wire and reinforcement rails.
Chainwire: Top Rail
Sometimes, you need extra support and strength from your Chainwire fence. We can install an additional top rail on top of your fence to give it added security and durability.
Chainwire: Top & Bottom Rail
Strong Chainwire fencing, reinforced with the added strength of both a top and bottom rail. An excellent variation of our standard Chainwire fencing product, suitable for multiple applications
Chainwire: Barb or Razor Wire
For applications that require extra security to your new Chainwire fencing, adding barb wire or razor wire is the key. Longain Fencing has installed tens of thousands of kilometres of Chainwire Security fencing for numerous clients over the years in a variety of settings such as Rural, Commercial, Industrial, Airports, Correctional Facilities, Local Council & Government Facilities, Substations and along Rail lines in Sydney, Australia. So, whatever your needs are, contact the professionals at, Longain Fencing today.