Why You Should Choose Chain Wire Fencing For Construction Sites

Why You Should Choose Chain Wire Fencing for Construction Sites

Choosing the right temporary fence for a construction site is essential. The perfect fencing will reliably keep the site secure while also remaining affordable. Chain wire fencing is a popular option for construction sites, as it is the ideal choice for achieving those goals. If you’re still on the fence about chain wire fencing, here’s why you should definitely consider it.

The Benefits of Choosing Chain Wire Fencing

You should choose chain wire fencing for construction sites because of the excellent security and visibility it provides, as well as the material’s durability and ease of maintenance.


A chain wire fence provides effective security by creating a strong barrier between the construction site and the general public. The chain wire fencing will protect construction equipment and building materials from theft and tampering. It will also prevent the general public from entering the construction site, both keeping the public safe and preventing the workers from dealing with any unnecessary interference.

Depending on your needs, a chain wire fence’s security can be easily enhanced. Tall construction sites can order tall fencing to match, and more secure facilities can install barbed wire security fencing. Make sure to talk with your provider about your specific security needs when ordering fencing.


A chain wire fence also benefits the construction site’s security because of the visibility it offers. While inside the site, any security personnel will be able to quickly and easily monitor the perimeter of the construction site, as well as communicate with anyone on the other side of the fence. 

A chain wire fence in construction is also helpful outside of security. Supervisors will be able to more easily keep an eye on the construction and the workers throughout the site with a chain wire fence.


At Longain, chain wire fences are built from galvanized steel, making them durable and weather-resistant. The strength of the material allows chain wire fences to withstand harsh weather, ensuring your construction site remains secure even after a storm. The coating on galvanized steel also prevents the metal from forming rust, meaning it will reliably remain durable in most outdoor conditions. 

With Longain, chain wire fences are made extra sturdy by installing the fencing with posts below the concrete. This provides extra stability and is still cheaper than temporary fencing that is installed on top of the ground.

Easy Maintenance

Chain wire fencing makes maintenance and repairs quick and simple for any damage or wear that does occur. Because of how chain wire fences are built, a small portion of broken fence only requires small repairs. The fence can be mended in sections so that the whole fence does not need to be replaced when it gets damaged. If the coating gets worn down from bad weather, the fence can be reinforced with more coating where it is installed. Finally, the fence can easily be kept clean by hosing some water over it.

A Chain Wire Fence Is a Cost-Efficient Solution

When it comes to quality compared to cost, chain wire fencing is clearly the optimal choice. Since construction sites require temporary fencing, keeping costs low is essential. However, it’s also critical that the site remains safe and secure. A chain wire fence keeps costs low while easily covering a construction site’s needs.

Order From Longain for Quality Chain Wire Fencing

Longain Fencing is the foremost fencing specialist in Sydney and all of NSW. Our skilled contractors can walk you through which fencing you should choose for your construction site, whether that would be chain wire, rural, security, or Colourbond fencing. Longain will always deliver a comprehensive solution that fits your needs and your local council’s guidelines. Request a free quote from us today!